Tiny Kai Neolani Gets Fucked and Bred by Tall Dr. Legrand Wolf

I was totally psyched when Dr Wolf invited me back to his house. He got me a soda and we sat down to watch some TV. We were on this big, comfy couch and he reached out and put his arm around me. His hands must almost be twice the size of mine.

Before long, he stood me up and we were kissing each other. I had to get on my tiptoes just to reach his mouth! He got me standing on the couch while he stood on the floor. That made us almost the same height!

Legrand Wolf Raw Fucks New Patient Kai on the Exam Table

Moments later, I felt him picking me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist. I could feel his fingers pushing into my ass. I was a bit scared, but I couldn’t wait to try anal again. I got on my knees to suck him—I’m determined to get that thing all the way in one day!

He spread his legs real wide and encouraged me to climb onto his lap.

I could feel the head of his cock pushing against my hole. I panicked for a moment, but I willed myself to calm down and started to push myself down onto him. I literally felt like I was being torn in half…

It felt incredible. I lost track of everything around me – all I knew was that I wanted him.

I started being more active, thrusting my body up and down, as he inched further and further into me. I felt euphoric.

He started moaning and then told me he was gonna pump me full of cum. Seconds later his dick started pulsating. I could feel it in my stomach. I could actually feel the liquid squirting inside me.

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