Christian and Ryan Get Into Singlets to Settle an Argument

What starts off as an innocent way to decide who has to walk the dog ends up in a cum-drenched frenzy on the floor.

I always wonder why people wrestle in singlets. How do you not get distracted by all that tight, revealing fabric? I guess straight guys probably are fine, the poor bastards. But Christian and Ryan don’t last very long when they decide to wrassle to see who has to walk the dog at the end of date night. Things take a turn—Ryan’s dick in Christian’s hole, to be precise—after a few maneuvers, and that poor dog has to wait. Apparently, it’s been waiting for quite a while and has destroyed the rug and all the furniture, because what other explanation could there be for Christian and Ryan’s cavernous, empty living room? But that means there’s no real rush, so at least Ryan and Christian take the time to enjoy a very satisfying throwdown.

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