Why You Should Never Contact August Alexander With Any of These 3 Messages

If you want his attention, steer clear of the basic, the bland, and the blurry, because the gay porn performer knows better than to engage with any of that.

If you want to reach out to August Alexander about his content (or even his interview series on Instagram with Wade Wolfgar—you need to know the three messages that he will absolutely ignore.

He gets into all three—including why so many people’s unsolicited nudes always look as if they’ve been taken with a vintage flip phone—in his Gay Goodies interview with Mark Peikert. And don’t miss his go-to meal after a long day on set. As he says, it’s all about balance.

Watch the full interview below, and like and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss an episode! The Gay Goodies is a weekly interview series airing every Monday at noon Eastern. Hosted by The Gay Goods’ editor-in-chief Mark Peikert, the series shines a fresh light on your favorite adult performers.

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