Not Sure What You’re Into? Big Data Probably Knows. 

If you stopped stroking to look, you'd find that Pornhub is also a treasure trove of weird, telling statistics—like NYC being the horniest city in the world.

Have you ever wondered what kind of porn do people watch in India? Or who’s the biggest porn star in Switzerland? Or which states in the U.S. prefer deepthroating over facesitting? All of these questions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to global porn habits. Pornhub’s Insights Blog lets us answer questions like these that would have been unthinkable only a couple decades ago. 

Pornhub doesn’t need any introduction. It averages over 1 billion viewers per month across the world and still reigns supreme in the world of porn. There was even a recent TikTok trend where users attempted to capture the reaction of friends and family after hearing the infamous Pornhub jingle. The conclusion one gets from all this is straightforward: Everyone, regardless of age, race, or class, gets off on porn. A fact that ends up making Pornhub not just another porn site, but also a massive data trove of sexual trends and habits.  

One of the more fascinating, yet overlooked, insights they provide regards user geography. What are people getting off to across the world? The horniest city in the world is the Big Apple. Even though it’s only the 26th most populous city in the world, New York City tops the list of the world’s most visits. And overall, the U.S. has 7 states in the top 20. Australia has 3, and Japan and Italy have 2. 

Some more fun facts:

  • The overall average time spent on the Pornhub is 10 minutes and 13 seconds. 
  • The city with the longest average time is Seoul, coming in at 12 minutes and 15 seconds. 
  • And the shortest load time is Japan, with an average of less than 9 minutes.  

The insights also show the favorite categories of each city. Among the top five cities (New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, and Chicago), the top categories included: Ebony, Lesbian, Anal, MILF, Threesome, British, Mature, Japanese, Big Tits, Hentai, and Amateer. 

In 2019, they did even further insight by looking at the specifically gay (male) side of the site. The most searched for terms included Korean, Japanese, Black, Daddy, and Straight. Some of their trending topics included Cum Inside, Sissy, Small Dick, Furry, Femboy, and Transgender. Interestingly, “transgender” grew by more than 121 percent in popularity, followed by “femboy” (99 percent), “furry” (71 percent), and “dominant” (58 percent). 

The data scientists also ventured to ask probably the most important question of all: What happens to a city’s porn habits during the gayest day of the entire year? This is exactly what they tested in the 2019 New York City Gay Pride parade, which had an estimated 150,000 people marching in the parade procession alone. Unsurprisingly, gay male–oriented pages on Pornhub witnessed a traffic decrease of 17% during the start of the day’s festivities at 12 PM (on an average day, the decrease at the same time is only 5%). What’s fascinating is that just a few hours earlier at 8 AM, gay porn traffic increased by 11%. (But this makes complete sense if you ask me: What’s a better way to start a Pride Parade than a little morning edge session?) 

All in all, it’s unlikely you’ll have a question about data that porn scientists (is this a real job and where can I apply?) haven’t already asked. So whether you’re curious about the data on how millennials get off compared to boomers or you’re just looking for the perfect video to bust one out to, Pornhub still has you covered. And sticky.

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