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What Are We to Do With These 5 Problematic Gay Dr. Seuss Books?

by W.H. Nance

Dr. Seuss might not have been on the right side of race when it came to his childrens books—just look at the six that will no longer be published—but he wasn’t much better with the gay community. And while those books will no longer bu published, there’s been only silence from the Seuss Foundation on these six problematic gay titles. How many are you familiar with?

Horton Hears a Hey Gurl!
Horton lives in a beautiful enclave filled with a colorful array of effeminate characters. On a walk through his neighborhood, he notices a new house and neighbor: Mr. and Mrs. Hetereux, come to de-gay the choice real estate. Though Horton and his friends valiantly battle to save their neighborhood, they are eventually forced to leave Gayville, retreating to a small island off the coats of Long Island. 

Limpizzle Jones
Young Limpizzle Jones has to go through life with two limp wrists, making it impossible for him to perform every day tasks. Eventually, though, he stops hanging out with girls and his wrists straight out, letting him hold a baseball bat and turning him into a strong wrestler.

Mr. Brown Can Screw! Can You?
This quirky ode to the gay community finds Mr. Brown explaining how he can screw a hair dresser, a florist, a waiter, and other stereotypically gay employees. Now, of curse, we know that gay men can be anything. Even straight men!

Oh, the Dicks You’ll Take!
An elderly gay man lovingly recounts all of the cocks one man can experience in a lifetime, if he stays in the closet. This one still slaps, though.

The Pocket Book of Boners
This one is real, actually.

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