Shirtless Ricky Larkin Talks About Gym Discipline, Being a Smartass, and Jerking Off to The Rock and Serena Williams

And yes—the GayVN and Grabby Award winner clarifies that his boner for Dwayne Johnson includes all eras, even the big hair.

There are few things that can perk up an afternoon that encompasses both Monday blahs and an actual blizzard. An actual Dairy Queen blizzard, possibly. But also Ricky Larkin showing up shirtless for an on-camera interview.

Because here’s the thing: Ricky Larkin has that body ody ody. Body be bangin’. In gay porn, you’re hard-pressed to think of a similar body in both its definition and its fur. This guy is a star, and he’s got the industry awards, the Twitter fandom, and the OnlyFans and JustFor.Fans subscribers to prove it.

“I made more money last year than the year before,” Larkin says gleefully of his pandemic-necessitated pivot to fan platforms. Anyone who follows Larkin on social media is well aware of his fearless nature when it comes to calling bullshit; is it any wonder he’s thriving on his own?

He’s also just a genuinely fun, laidback guy, despite that intimidating posture that’s been making him money for years. In fact, he recalls being told to lower his chair while working at LA Fitness to stop intimidating potential clients. But he actually had the best sales record of anyone there. Because when Ricky Larkin suggests you do something, you’re probably gonna find a way to make it happen.

Check out the interview above to hear Larkin talk about what happened when he decided to get serious about getting big, his initial reluctance to film bareback scenes, and what you can expect when you (inevitably) subscribe to his OnlyFans.


    • Thank you! I am not waxing poetry about anyone who claims there are no beautiful black men in pron.

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