Logan Carter Loves Being Worshipped—Where Do We Sign Up?

Riley Ross is blindfolded while he takes Logan's perfect dick, but thankfully we get to see everything.

Masked Riley takes his time checking out the new top to Jason’s sex club, Logan Carter. Logan is a tall, muscular, handsome applicant with a huge cock and big, heavy balls. He loves the idea of being worshipped and serviced, making the sex club a perfect fit for his desires…

As soon as Logan is approved, he gives bottom slave, Riley, a deep throat fuck, lying on him his back as he shoves his manhood past his lips and into his mouth! Riley gags as he struggles to take it all, stroking his own cock from behind a curtain, giving Logan the chance to see him as just a hole to use for his pleasure.

Logan’s throbbing member edges closer to orgasm as he feels up Riley’s tight, scruffy body, getting off on seeing him squirm in order to take his massive shaft. But Riley gags one too many times, tightening up on Logan’s meat, causing it to burst and fill the bottom’s mouth with his hot, alpha load!

Tony Bullock
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Tony Bullock is equal parts jock bottom, porn fan, and porn professional. In and out of the industry for the last 15 years, Tony is back for good after discovering the pervy minds at Carnal Media and their new titles, from Gaycest to Boy for Sale. He only uses Vaseline for lube.

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