Watch GayVN Performer of the Year DeAngelo Jackson Talk About Losing His Virginity on Camera and More

The first Black performer to win, Jackson gets frank about crossroads in his career, the "depressing as hell" early days of the pandemic, and keeping his mouth shut on social media.

DeAngelo Jackson is full of surprises. He’s one of the hottest guys working in porn‚ with the GayVN Awards to prove it—but he’s also one of the shyest and most humble. And, frankly, one of the most honest.

Located in Atlanta, Jackson’s OnlyFans tends to be solo work—which unfortunately makes it feel like more of a chore for him. “It’s a job now,” he tells Mark Peikert on The Gay Goodies. “For a lot of people, [OnlyFans] is a full-time job… I prefer to be on set, honestly.”

That was a lesson he learned early on in his career, when he was touring the world doing live sex shows. Now he’s much happier working with the studios, kiki’ing with the crew, and hanging with his co-stars.

Watch the full interview below to see Jackson talk about his well-rounded Amazon wishlist that includes everything from an air fryer to a kimono, being grounded enough to avoid pitfalls during his career, the one percent of fan interactions that go wrong, and his policy of keeping it light on social media. And check out previous installments featuring Jake Waters, Chris Damned, Dante Colle, and more!

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  1. Nouveau Fleshjack boy, DeAngelo Jackson révèle avoir perdu sa virginité lors de son premier tournage porno ! -

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