German Porn Star Daddy Felix Kamp on Why Mystery Is So Sexy

Here's one porn star who keeps his clothes on and loves to tease—and we love being teased by this sexy, hairy man!

“It’s the mystery,” Felix Kamp says when it comes to what he shares of himself, both in porn and on his JustFor.Fans account. “A dick and open hole—you can see any two minutes. I’m an exhibitionist but to a certain degree. You can see me naked, but not in the act. That’s just for private use.”

Instead, he mostly posts other guys, who come over to have sex while he films. But COVID-19 has put a halt to those plans for the moment, especially with everyone turning to sexualpreneurship during lockdown.

What a shame, too, because at 6’4” and 235 pounds, the German Felix is one of the hottest daddys around. Not to mention he runs the full gamut, from “total vanilla ice cream to hardcore triple-fisting blood sex.” (You may recognize him from Boy for Sale. and ScoutBoys, among others.)

But this stud likes to read the filth, not necessarily see it. “Visual, someone puts it in front of me, in general no,” he says. “I like to create my own fantasy. And if you don’t know the people, they can all have 12-inch dicks, amazing hairy butt holes, and they take it like no one else!”

Felix’s favored kink is BDSM, which he discovered in the early ‘90s. “Sex back then was different. When I was introduced to the BDSM scene it was totally different than today. I grew up with glory holes, playrooms… In ‘92. I met one guy who was very into BDSM, and he introduced me to it. And I came into this group of friends and they just passed me around. In one year I experienced everything from blood to fisting to pissing, whatever I did not experience before.”

That first time being exposed to what would become his ultimate kink was a revelation for Felix. “A whole new world was there that can happen. Before it was vanilla and I was bisexual—and there was not excitement. But when all the other stuff came, it was like, ‘Whoa!’”

As for sex in the age of COVID-19, Felix is cheerful and cautious. “In Germany we got hit not so badly, but we were in lockdown and for two months I did not have sex,” he says. “And the first sex: I interviewed him for an hour; he came over; I disinfected him… the whole thing lasted for 2.5 minutes.” He laughs, partly at himself and partly at the situation. “I’m trying to be very careful. I’m old and wise… in some aspects.”

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