Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Drug- and Sex-Filled World Comes to Life in ‘Enfant Terrible’

The German filmmaker has the camera turned onto his own messy, complicated life with the upcoming biopic, available on demand June 15.

Everything one needs to know about German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s life and career can be summed up in his ex-wife Ingrid Caven’s explanation that “Rainer was a homosexual who also needed a woman. It’s that simple and that complex.”

“That simple and that complex” is also a good descriptor of his films, potent brews of Hollywood Sirkian melodrama and ribald ’70s decadence and excess that immediately found an international audience. Now Fassbinder himself becomes the subject of cinema with biopic Enfant Terrible, chronicling the wild life of the man behind masterpieces Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, The Marriage of Maria Braun, and more.

On demand June 15 and directed by Oskar Roehler, the film stars Oliver Masucci, Hary Prinz, Katja Riemann, and Felix Hellmann. 

Check out the trailer below—and tell us, is Fassbinder a name for you the way Pedro Almodóvar or Jean-Luc Godard are?


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