Is Tomas Brand Truly the ‘King of All Muscle Daddies’?

Sure, he has a body that looks like a marble antiquity sprang to flesh-and-bold (and big-dicked life). But king of all muscle daddies?

According to Lucas Entertainment, Tomas Brand is “the King of All Muscle Daddies.” And—actually, I have no notes because damn zdaddy. Gotta love a man who looks like he could beat the hell out of you, but he would rather fuck you instead. And maybe he’ll slap you around a little bit. But not necessarily! (But probably. Just enough to make you leak.)
Where were we? Oh right: On our knees, along with Manuel Reyes here. Join us, won’t you? And join Lucas Entertainment for more hot fucks like this one. We need an ice-cold Squirt now to cool off!

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