GrowlBoys Returns With New Chapter, Finding Cole Learning More About His Mysterious Ex-Boyfriend

Cole's adventure in the satyr's cave continues as he reconnects with his ex-boyfriend, discovering more about him and the world than he ever thought possible.

“The Monster” finds Cole recovering from a deep, passionate fucking from Jonathan, Cole’s ex, feeling his cum swim inside his body as he tries to make sense of his presence. Jonathan explains that Cole was brought to this moment for an important reason, requiring him to push him out of his comfort zone to experience something greater.

Cole is understandably reluctant to listen to his ex’s words. But when Jonathan reveals that he’s a shape-shifting, immortal Theban, Cole sees that he has a lot more to learn about his former partner as well as the world at large.

Jonathan invites Cole to experience a connection to a larger, magical power, offering the chance to never feel alone or disconnected ever again. The price is high, but the reward is beyond comprehension. Cole struggles to make sense of what he learns, but finds himself unbelievably desperate to have even more of the handsome satyr’s load.

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