Cole Makes Moves to Join the Masons and Felix Kamp Makes Moves on Cole

Cole meets with the handsome and mysterious Felix Kamp, to learn more about opportunities of apprenticeship and mentorship from the older man.

Master Kamp seemed to have total access to his interviewee’s body. Cole felt his hands move to his nipples, between his legs, under his loins, cradling his testicles, even teasing his hole. He felt beneath his underwear, caressing his delicate pubic hair and teasing the base of his shaft.

Cole didn’t want to show that he liked it, but it was impossible to hide. His body reacted in ways his mind couldn’t prevent. And as Kamp pulled his cock out of his underwear, his breath practically begged to release a load out of him.

Kamp’s warm hand gripped the boy’s member, feeling it pulse in his hand. He took out his balls, feeling their weight in his palm, teasing them and tugging on them as the tip of his penis continued to drip.

Cole’s breathing was now louder and deeper, more moans of pleasure than simply gasps of air. Master Kamp could see he was desperate. Desperate to cum. Desperate to please. Desperate to be accepted. Desperate to be wanted. Desperate to be his. Master Kamp couldn’t ask for a more perfect apprentice.

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