Killian Knox and Matthew Figata Are Impressed With Student Cole Blue’s Physical Performance

Cole Blue attempts to make the varsity team by letting his coach and principal take turns worshipping his athletic body and massive cock—and guess what? It works.

As Cole removed his sweatpants, his throbbing cock became too hard to hide. It practically broke through his tight, blue jockstrap. Principal Figata was very pleased, feeling his smooth, athletic frame, urging him to remove the last bits of cover he had. Coach Knox was clear that Cole was representing both the coach and the team, not just himself. Cole understood he was supposed to make a good impression, trying his best to hide his nerves as he slid off his jock.

They took turns taking it in their mouths, slobbering over his manhood as they began to strip down as well. Cole loved seeing the handsome daddies worship him, eager to taste his shaft, swapping it back and forth and moaning on the end of his cock. It had been so long since he’d gotten a good blowjob, and these men were experts in the field!

Before Cole knew it, all three of them were naked, smelling of fresh sweat and sex as they sucked his member to the point of leaking. Cole could have cum right there in his principal’s mouth, filling his throat with his strong, jock load. Instead, he bent the man over the weight bench, letting him find his grip on the soft platform as he teased his hole with the tip of his bare dick!

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