NakedSword Releases Free Scene From Award-Winning ‘A Murdered Heart’ Plus Chris Damned Fetish DVD

The Cade Maddox and Angel Rivera scene streams May 21-23, while Maniacal is available for purchase now, featuring Dr. Damned giving his patients all kinds of unorthodox treatments.

Ah, the months after awards season ends, when we get greater clarity on what is and is not (allegedly) worth our time and finally catch up ont he movies no one shut up about for three months and no one will ever discuss again.

For those of you who have finally sat down to watch postcard-disguised-as-a-movie Nomadland and are looking for something to watch this weekend, there are other awards contenders one can catch up on. Like NakedSword’s A Murdered Heart!

When nominations were announced for the 217 major annual gay porn awards last year (an approximation), A Murdered Heart, NakedSword’s skin flick about a gay conversion camp, scored multiple nods. And eventually multiple trophies. Now, NakedSword is offering a scene from their saga for free May 21-23. Featuring Cade Maddox disciplining a blaspheming Angel Rivera, the scene is a perfect introduction to director Marc McNamara’s opus, one that proves there is still an audience for (and taste in) good old-fashioned porn movies with a throughline and a plot.

Also out today is Fetish Force’s Maniacal on DVD (remember those?). Co-directed by Jasun Mark and Trenton Ducati, the feature film stars Chris Damned as the titular mad doctor, whose patients are all eager and willing  to submit to his kinky medical practices.

Lucky for Dr. Damned—and us—his patients include Devin Franco, Felix Fox, and Bryce Hart.

Among his treatments, Dr. Damned employs hole-stretching toys and candle wax on the cock to electro-shock, sounding, and clothes pins. 

If you still have a working DVD player, first of all congrats! Second of all, you can buy your own copy of Maniacal at the suggested price of $34.99—which is only $5 cheaper than a month’s membership with streaming and downloads.

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