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Good Scout Ian Levine Takes Bishop Angus’ Thick Daddy Dick Outdoors

by Tony Bullock

Ian was a good scout. He could build a decent fire, tie all sorts of complicated ropes. The one thing he couldn’t do was put up a tent. It was so amusing to see the little guy fumbling around with his ground sheet! But it turned out he hadn’t packed the right equipment, so I suggested he sleep in my tent.

We instantly started kissing. The boy looked so sexy and smart in his uniform. I pulled him into me and wrapped my big, strong, bear-like arms around him before getting him undressed.

It was wonderful to be alone with him in the tent. It was our little secret. I loved that we had to keep our voices down.

I got naked, got him on all fours and started to push my hard shaft inside his ass. It was so tight.

Then I turned him around, spat on myself and went in from the front. It suddenly struck me that if I rocked onto my back, pulling him with me while keeping inside him, he’d end up sitting on me.

He squatted over me, and started to thrust his body weight down onto me. He went harder and harder and I got to that stage where I just wanted to blast my load right into him.

I pulled out and shot a massive load of thick creamy cum all over his ass cheeks, before pushing myself back inside. We were gonna be there all night and Ian was gonna have to get used to the feeling of me inside him!

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