Hans Berlin Shows Up to Bang His Fuck Bud, But Finds Jeremy Vuitton Instead

One horny twink's tight hole is as good as another's, so Hans settles in for a hot bareback ride with the DTF Jeremy.

Jeremy Vuitton answers the door to find muscle daddy horndog Hans Berlin looking for his slutty fuckbud Chris. When Jeremy explains that Chris moved out a month ago, Hans sees an opportunity to get a piece of fine ass anyway. Jeremy likes the looks of the big man’s man, and invites him in. Before you know it, Jeremy’s on his knees slurping down Hans’ thick uncut cock. Hans gets himself a taste of Jeremy’s cock-starved hole and knows that he made a lucky mistake: They’re both DTF.


Jeremy stretches out across the couch and spreads his legs wide for Hans to dive in. A little spit and tongue action and he’s ready to take on that big German cock. He bounces his booty on Hans, moaning for all that uncut meat and more. Hans grabs the little guy’s hips and plows in deep. When his tool pops out Jeremy’s ass is juicy and wide open. He gets on his knees and drills in from behind. He gives Jeremy’s tight little booty an appreciative smack of the hand, then shoots his wad into Jeremy and keeps fucking. When he pulls out, sperm is dribbling down Jeremy’s crack. Both bareback studs well-satisfied, Hans jokes sarcastically, “It was hot, but you’re no Chris!”

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