Out of the Goodness of His Heart, Big Ol’ Muscle Stud Myles Landon Pops Young Danny’s Cherry

Danny—the lucky bastard—has his first bareback fuck with his friend’s older muscle daddy, Mr. Landon!

After they settled in and chatted a while, Mr. Landon and Danny showered and prepared to change into their nighttime attire. Mr. Landon waited in the bedroom for Danny to join him, wearing his white terry cloth bathrobe. Beside him was a new jockstrap for his special guest, wanting to ease him into a more intimate mood.

When he presented the jockstrap to Danny, he told him, “It’s okay, Danny. You’re a beautiful, special boy. That’s why my son likes you. That’s what I like you. I brought you here because I want you to see how special you are.”

Danny felt his heart begin to pound in his chest. He removed his pants, knowing this would be the first time he’d be showing him his underwear… and the swelling bulge inside.

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