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What the Hell Does Lev Ivanko Need So Many Onions For Prior to Getting Spitroasted?

by Tony Bullock

I need to know for what recipe Lev Ivanko is prepping at the start of Masqulin’s new release “The Cops Want In” because… that’s a lot of onion. And he doesn’t even wash his hands when he answers his door, which means his hands must surely reek of onion by the time he’s sucking police dick in is kitchen, right?

I’m also concerned for his general safety, because he lets Alex Mecum and Leo Louis in without much pushback. I get it: They’re hot like fire, but you can make it flirty and sexy! “I’d love to submit to your request, sirs, but first do you mind verifying your account by holding your badge next to your face, along with your warrant?”

Not that onions or gullibility have ever stopped any guy from getting his ass pounded—and it doesn’t take long for Alex Mecum to wander off in an exaggerated search (I’d love to know the motivation!) while Lev starts sucking Leo’s uncut dick. Before long, the handcuffs come into play and Lev is getting dicked against the fridge, all thoughts of cooking back burnered.

(Also, this gives me an excuse to share the 2019 DNA Magazine profile of Alex Mecum, where he claimed to have had no idea he’d won the 2017 XBIZ Performer of the Year Award: “I had no idea my name was called or that I was even nominated. Because of that, I was completely oblivious to the award. It was nice hearing I won it through this interview though! I think the award would be better suited for other people who might place more value in it. I don’t really care about awards.”)

Check out the trailer below—and enjoy The Gay Goods’ special 50% off promo for Masqulin memberships!

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