Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ Releases Trailer; We Post About It For SEO

If you read one story about the Eternals trailer, make it the one that acknowledges we're in a content creation ouroboros.

Do you ever wonder why every single outlet finds a reason to write about Marvel movies? The same reason every single gay outlets writes about RuPaul’s Drag Race multiple times a day: SEO and clickbait.

The thinking is that Marvel and Drag Race fans will consume any morsel, served up in multiple ways. And the new trailer for upcoming Eternals offers a whole bunch of serving options. For instance:

“Marvel Drops Surprise Full-Length Eternals Trailer”

“Check Out Angelina Jolie’s MCU Debut in New Eternals Trailer”

“First Look at Oscar Winner Chloe Zao’s Marvel Movie Eternals

“See MCU’s First Gay Superhero in New Eternals Trailer”

So consider this your obligatory post so we can get pageviews while being upfront about using MCU for clickbait. Oh, and check out the trailer below; rhe movie comes out “this November.” Assuming you haven’t already seen it posted on, like, because one of the performers used to be on Port Charles and the headline was “Guess Which Port Charles Star Is in Marvel’s Upcoming Eternals?”

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