Hot Damned: French Hunk Chris Damned Talks Tattoos, the Joys of Being Uncut, and His Love for ‘High School Musical’

The fan favorite is an open book when it comes to his life and career—although he still owes fans a recreation of Zac Efron's HSM choreography.

Chris Damned showed up on the porn scene like a tall, French wrecking ball, slamming into eager bottoms across the industry with gusto. Now he’s shamelessly flaunting a gorgeous kitchen while joining The Gay Goodies to talk about starting his career just before the pandemic brought studio filming to a halt for months.

Luckily, Damned has kept busy with his Twitter and Only Fans accounts, filming a shocking number of jerkoff sessions while driving through Los Angeles. “I’m in my car a lot!” he says in his own defense. Besides, as he points out, he’s uncut. He’s always ready to go. No wonder he volunteered to do a solo at the last minute on the set of Raging Stallion’s No-Tell Motel. This guy loves stroking his cock.

Known as much for his fashion model face—is it any wonder he started out as a model?—as his many tattoos, Damned also talks about getting slapped around the first time he got tattooed, the number of men who feel no compunction about complaining about his ink, and his desire for a well-educated, quiet man to take to dinner. Like Robert Pattinson in Twilight.

And don’t miss his recreation of Netflix’s Fate: The Winkx Saga. Because the only thing sexier than Chris Damned naked is Chris Damned being an utterly charming goofball. Watch the full interview below.

What’s your favorite Chris Damned video so far? And who do you want to see join The Gay Goodies next?


  1. He’s such a sweetheart, and a real Mr Congeniality🍒❤…I’d love to see him work some sensual french into one of his videos or films ( like the student-exchange type)…I’d love to see Ty Mitchell or Allen King being interviewed❤

  2. OMG that WINX recreation is weirdly the hottest thing about this whole interview? I’m so horny and confused but mostly horny.

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