Queer Spy Animated Series ‘Q-Force’ Announces Netflix Premiere

Queer representation matters, so color us thrilled at the hot gay cartoon characters coming our way late this summer.

Consider this your release from jerking off to episodes of Archer, because there’s a whole gaggle of hot animated characters coming to your TV tSeptember 2!

Netflix—which has rebranded its Twitter profile as The Most for June because #Pride!—announced that its upcoming 10-episode animated queer series Q-Force will premiere September 2. About a gang of spies, the voice cast includes Gary Cole, David Harbour, Patti Harrison, Sean Hayes, creator Gabe Liedman, Laurie Metcalf, Matt Rogers, and Wanda Sykes

Check out the trailer below—and get ready for what looks like a very gay good time. Not since Rick and Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World! (RIP Rick and Steve!)

Q-Force follows disgraced former agent Steve Maryweather (aka Agent Mary), who came out and was promptly sent to disappear from view in West Hollywood. But there he brings together a group of LGBTQ+ experts—Deb (Sykes), Twink (Rogers) and Stat (Harrison)—for the 21st-century The Gay Team we deserve. and together, they’re Q-Force.

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