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X tops App Store charts after Drake nude leak

by Hayden
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So, the X app just skyrocketed to the number one spot on the App Store, riding the wave of yet another celeb scandal. This time, Drake’s caught in a rather, um, private moment on camera, sparking the “drakevideo” trend like wildfire.

Just a couple of weeks ago, X was scrambling to keep some not-so-real Taylor Swift pics from spreading, and now this. Despite the drama, downloads for X are through the roof, and Elon Musk is out there having a laugh about how his app’s killing it, despite all the doomsday press.

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X is out here saying they’re all about keeping things respectful and cracking down on any sketchy content. They’ve been busy zapping thousands of rule-breaking posts. But, The Verge still found some clips of the Drake video hanging around with a ton of views. The rap star’s team isn’t talking about it to the press, so it’s tough to say what the action is behind the scenes, or whether they even care. 

Drake Gives Reaction on Aiden Ross Stream

Drake’s reaction to the whole leaked video thing? Classic. Confirms it’s him, has a laugh about it, and even chats about it with his buddy Adin Ross—at least, that’s what Aiden’s stream would leave you to believe. Ross’s cracking up, suggesting the clip might end up as an intro on Drake’s next album. Whether Drake’s actually cool with it all or just playing it off, it’s got everyone talking. 

Discussing leaked nudes is always tricky, as there is a certain inherent maliciousness on the part of whoever uploaded them. Whenever a celebrity is able to play it off, like Drake is doing now and Chris Evans did a few years ago, it does take the edge off things to an extent. The bigger question here is what ramifications this will have for Musk’s twitter moving forward… if any, at all.

Sources: The Verge, Pride

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