Instinct Magazine Calls Tyler Posey Leaked Nude a Possible ‘Cry for Help’

Tyler Posey has hit the limit of free leaks that Instinct's Devin Randall is willing to allow, and now they just seem suspicious to him.

A content creator on OnlyFans saw someone record a live show and leak it on Twitter March 8. The public outcry ranged from “We don’t need to see that” to, most infuriating, “Someone needs attention.”

That last comes from the remarkably sex negative Instinct Magazine, where Devin Randall spent a few hundred words smearing snark all over the leak of Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey showing off his dick.

Since we try to keep this site as Safe For Work as possible, we won’t be linking to the video here,” Randall sniffs. The Gay Goods won’t be linking to the video because we are sex positive and also believe that spreading subscriber-only content on free platforms is a form of robbery.

After embedding multiple tweets from people expressing disgust that they had to see Posey’s penis, Randell ruminates for a bit on why Chris Evans—a major movie star—received a very different reaction when eagle-eyed viewers caught and subsequently reposted his accidental dick pick on a quickly deleted post.

After paying lip service to the negative reaction stemming from the stigma against sex work—which he wraps up with the jaw-dropper, “maybe the fact he’s getting paid for said his [sic] OnlyFans, means he’s fine with some judgment”—Randall goes on to ponder how many leaks one man can have before they seem suspicious. He seems to settle on two, because this one has him up in arms!

Though, let’s not forget that this is still a leak. Tyler Posey sharing the video on his OnlyFans is different than posting it on Twitter. And, there’s no evidence that he posted it on the social media platform. It’s more likely that one of his followers shared the video and then it started to spread from there.

But conversely, there’s no evidence that he didn’t post on Twitter either. And here’s the real problem. Tyler Posey has become known for sharing nudes. This is the third time, to this writer’s knowledge, that Posey’s nudes have spread online. And that’s not counting all of his butt photos! There’s also the rumor/speculation that Posey, at least once, purposefully spread his nudes. Whether that is true or not, no longer matters to the public. We have our opinion of Posey and that’s not going to change.

If the last decade has taught us anything, it’s that public perception is often wrong (and that punching bags don’t deserve it). Wasn’t that the point of The People v. O.J. Simpson? Of I, Tonya? Of the Lorena Bobbit documentary? If my opinion is that a princess has a great life, does that mean Meghan Markle is lying?

I was also unaware that there was a gentleman’s agreement among leakers that two is the limit.

Perhaps Posey, who has been blissfully open about his body, simply has more content to leak. And maybe he started an OnlyFans to at least take ownership of the leaks. But that’s just speculation, much like most of what Randall says about Posey. Like claiming the multiple leaks could be a “cry for help” and then linking to a tweet shaming Posey and KJ Apa for… not being well groomed. In a pandemic.

After all this—repeating rumors that Posey leaked nudes himself, that he might need help, that seeing his leaked penis this often is “verging on the side of unwanted and hostile”—Randall sums up with:

In the end, all Twitter users are doing is satisfying themselves. Whether they’re spreading the video or enjoying memes about it, they’re indulging in themselves at the expense of Tyler Posey and his body. And does he deserve that? I don’t think so. So taking a step back from it all, and I mean it all, it feels like all I can really say is, “Eww.”

So just remember—spreading leaked nudes online is not an act of violence or bullying. It’s just Twitter being Twitter! And a gay editorial site feels no compunction about publicly questioning whether or not a TV actor leaked his own nudes for attention, which is absolutely something that no gay editorial site would say about a woman. So what’s the difference here? Randall doesn’t like Posey?

At least Randall clarifies that he doesn’t “think” Posey deserves people indulging themselves at his expense. Though the best he can offer on the topic, at the end of an article trafficking in faux-intellectual clickbait, is an “Eww.”

Right back at you, Instinct.


  1. God forbid anybody get off on showing off or like when people watch. Tyler Posey seems a little weird but harmless, and why is this writer at Instinct so offended by his dick? Because he’s not attracted to Tyler? And he got paid to write that!

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