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Lil Nas X Tops DaBaby in Particularly Satisfying Release

by Mark Durane

I refuse to give DaBaby any more oxygen than absolutely necessary. We have already established that he is a homophobic misogynist. We have already established that his “apology” to the LGBTQ+ community was an ersatz one at best—which was borne out when he quietly deleted it from his Instagram.

But this latest turn is too delicious to not write about. In addition to being dropped from music festivals all over the country, DaBaby just saw his spot as Spotify’s most-streamed artist usurped by none other than Power Bottom Lil Nas X.

There’s something so satisfying about seeing Lil Nas X wrapping up his impeccable summer by superseding DaBaby as the male rapper with the most monthly streams thus far in August. That may seem a bit like splitting hairs, but why not celebrate what we can as the Delta variant destroys all our summer hopes and dreams?

At least the dream that Lil Nas X’s extremely gay, extremely give-no-fucks career will go into the stratosphere is still alive and well.

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