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Str8UpGayPorn’s Literal Interpretation of Boy for Sale’s Premise Seems Arbitrary

by Mark Durane

Zach Sire, the Tipper Gore of gay porn, recently took exception to the existence of Carnal Media’s Boy for Sale, calling it a “sex trafficking fetish porn site.”

There are a few things wrong with this claim, including the fact that commercial sex between adults can only be termed human trafficking if it’s the result of fraud, coercion, or force—and Boy for Sale finds young men volunteering for the chance to submit to older, dominant men. [Full disclosure, The Gay Goods is owned by Carnal Media founder and CEO Legrand Wolf.]

But of course there are other sites that could be construed as sex trafficking fetish sites by the literal-minded. As Police Chief Magazine explains, “The fear a human trafficking victim experiences typically arises from intimidation tactics and physical abuse. However, other methods are also utilized. Nonphysical, dehumanizing approaches such as verbal abuse, social isolation, and food or sleep deprivation are very effective. Coercion through the means of highly addictive drugs such as heroin is not uncommon. Creating a chemical dependency in the victim places the trafficker in a position of power, thus keeping the victim engaged in sex trafficking.”

Which is basically the premises of Slam Rush and Fraternity X.

We are in no way saying that either site fetishizes sex trafficking; just like Boy for Sale—and all studio porn—these are fantasies.  But how telling that Sire speaks out against Boy for Sale as he largely stays silent on Slam Rush and posts affiliate links for Fraternity X.

Here’s a synopsis of a May 19, 2021, release from the FratX website: “This new bitch thought he could back out of his duties as a pledge. We have rules about that. We had to show him that disrespect will not be tolerated, it didn’t help that he was wearing the corniest kicks we’ve ever seen. We made it a point that he took all our loads and we made him load up too. These new pledges never learn, we can cram there [sic] holes all day if we want, and make them pay us.”

But all Sire says in his post about it is, as an aside at the very bottom, “The dicks are big and hard today, which is good to see, although some of the hate speech (they make fun of Darren’s “gay ass shoes”—a common tactic at Fratx) and aggressiveness may be a turn off for some viewers. Then again, what else would you expect from FraternityX?”

Yes! What else could we expect from a site that would seem to fetishize homophobia and gay rape? How nice to pick and choose one’s morality!

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Czerdc August 17, 2021 - 7:22 AM

Zach Sire is toxic. He will carry a grudge and post outlandish accusations against porn actors such as racism and the like. When in attack mode he’s blatantly biased and caustic. Zach’s disdain for gay porn actors who don’t follow the West Hollywood Gay political orthodoxy is off putting. I don’t much care about a gay porn actor’s political leanings. I watch gay porn to get off and escape the everyday bullshit. Zach has made so many enemies that no one would even piss on him If he were on fire.


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