Chris Evans Turns a Frown Upside Down After Weekend Dickgate

Judging from the photo leak, it's definitely a crooked smile.

As any woke celebrity would do, Chris Evans took a dick pick and made it political. His first post on social media since accidentally revealing his Cap’n to America was the requisite 2020 “Vote Nov. 3!”

He then went on Tamron Hall’s talk show September 15—which just returned for Season 2 the day before with former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum coming out as bisexual—to address the donkey in the room. “Did something happen this weekend?” he deadpanned, before Hall talked all around the issue without anyone in the interview actually using the words “leaked” “social media” or “photo.” Questionable journalism (especially when Hall calls out her canceled SXSW event for some reason), but solid good sportsmanship from Evans, who points out that at least he made lemonade out of his lemons. And turned a frown upside down. And actually, yeah… if you look at the photo from that angle, it really is a big ol’ grin!

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