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Whose Dick Did Chris Evans Accidentally Leak on Instagram?

by Mark Durane

Heads up, indeed.

Chris Evans, Captain America himself, shared a fun video on Instagram, playing a rousing game of Heads Up with friends—one that ended in a quick flash of his camera roll, which included a dick pic. Shot in moody black and white, the photo raises more questions than it answers.

“Whose dick?” is the (second) biggest thing fans are wondering about.

Considering that Evans’ camera roll also included a meme of himself with the phrase Guard That Pussy, inidcating a healthy sense of humor, this particular member might not even be his own. Maybe, as happens all the time, he and his bromates just like to send random photos of junk to one another. Maybe it’s a photo one of them took on a dare, nestled in Evans’ camera roll to be deployed at just the right prank time. But who could be the culprit?

Could it be fellow Marvel star Mark Ruffalo? No stranger to on-camera nudity, Ruffalo even chimed in on what quickly became Twitter’s favorite Saturday night conversation:

Could it be mischievous younger brother Scott, who took to Twitter this morning with this?

Personally, we’d prefer to believe that The Handsome Chrises—Evans, Hemsworth, Pine—have a Members Only group text and the photo originated from that. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a new piece of slash fiction that’s begging to be written…

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