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Kim Davis to Pay Big for Marriage License Fiasco

by Hayden
A stern-looking Kim Davis

In a delightful twist of justice, sanctimonious, shamed, and formerly employed Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis—famed for her stubborn refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples—has been ordered to cough up a hefty $260,104 in attorney fees and expenses. This sum is a sweet addition to the $100,000 in damages a jury previously decreed she owes to a wronged couple.

U.S. District Judge David L. Bunning dropped this financial bombshell, dismissing the cries of Davis’ attorneys who deemed the fees “excessive.” The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that Davis, a steadfast believer in the sanctity of marriage despite having been married four times to three men in the span of 15 years, must pay up since the men she denied ultimately triumphed in their lawsuit.

Kim Davis looking down at (what can be assumed to be) court documents.

Kim Davis must pay over $300,000 in court fees (via AP News)

Former Clerk was also Formerly Arrested

This ruling is the cherry on top of Davis’ infamous 2015 saga. She found herself behind bars for refusing to do the job she was elected to. (More specifically, after she argued to the US Supreme Court that her religious beliefs superseded the duties of her position. The supreme court did not hear her case, the US District Court ordered her to follow the letter of the law. She didn’t, and was arrested for contempt of court.) Released only when her deputies took over the license issuance, Davis became a catalyst for change as Kentucky later stripped all clerks’ names from state marriage licenses.

That was, perhaps, not the kind of change she envisioned.

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As Davis’ team gears up to appeal, one can’t help but revel in the irony. Sometimes, standing on the wrong side of history can be quite an expensive ordeal! Her team of powerful lawyers from the Liberty Counsel are doing all they can to make sure Kim never pays.

Source:  AP News

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