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West Virginia’s Crusade Against Adult Content

Chiarelli's Age verification bill heads to the full Senate

by Hayden
Delegate Geno Chiarelli

Over in West Virginia, the folks in charge of the House Judiciary Committee just breezed through a new bill that’s all about making sure you’re old enough to peek at adult websites. This isn’t a new idea—it’s part of a bigger push by some very determined anti-porn crusaders in the US that think that porn is the largest problem facing the country and not the, you know, murder or disastrous state of the country’s healthcare.

The guy behind this particular bill, HB 4867, is Geno Chiarelli. He’s a young, hardcore conservative who’s pretty into his Catholic faith and ample on the whole MAGA scene. Before he jumped into the political ring in 2022, he had a far more noble cause of helping people battle addiction. Now he’s addicted to nanny-state politics.

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You Don’t Know What’s Good For You, Says West Virginia’s Politics

Chiarelli has this vision of cleaning up society, pointing fingers at porn, “sexual liberation,” recreational drugs, and the like as the big baddies messing everything up. His bill’s got a specific target: websites where a third of the content is not kid-friendly. He’s trying to make their specific access a state-level issue and keep social media out of the crosshairs, saying that’s not really what they’re after. The idea is to hit the hardcore adult content providers instead. If someone doesn’t play by the rules? West Virginians could take them to court.

This isn’t Chiarelli’s first rodeo with trying to lay down the law on adult content. He once tried to get a bill to shut down adult businesses and anything remotely related across the state. But that one didn’t get very far. It’s clear Chiarelli’s on a mission to clean up the internet and beyond, one bill at a time. On the 19th, his bill went ahead to the West Virginia Senate, and in addition to that, he’s proposed a ban on adult stores, a limit to the number of vape stores allowed in the state, and banning needle exchange programs.

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