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REVIEW: Goldfrapp’s ‘The Love Reinvention’: Where Sonic Odyssey Meets Genre-Bending Artistry

by Hayden
Alison Goldfrapp posing for The Love Reinvention album cover

A Long Way Away From Goldfrapp’s Felt Mountain

From the dreamy vibes of Felt Mountain to the bold experimentation of Black Cherry, every album by Goldfrapp (the band, not just lead singer Alison Goldfrapp) has carved out a unique musical path, showing off their versatility and knack for pushing boundaries. And now, we’ve got Alison Goldfrapp’s fresh solo release, The Love Reinvention, joining the party.

2023 has been a game-changer for Ms. Goldfrapp. She took a solo detour, and her first solo album, The Love Invention, skyrocketed to No. 6 on the UK Album charts. Fast forward to The Love Reinvention—a part remix album, part reinvention of Invention—and you’ve got a whole new Goldfrapp vibe. Picture this: groovy beats, pulsating rhythms, and Goldfrapp’s soprano vocals taking you on a dance-centric journey. It’s like she found her groove in the world of house music, painting her musical canvas with infectious beats and rhythms.

Alison Goldfrapp (left) and Will Gregory (right)

Alison Goldfrapp (left) and Will Gregory (right) (via The Sydney Morning Herald)

Harmonies of Continuity

In the world of this new album, you’ll find a magical mix of the familiar and the exciting. It’s like a place where the vibes are just as lively as they are contagious, where the groove of the familiar blends effortlessly with the excitement of the unknown. This undeniable pull keeps the rhythm of love’s journey alive, ensuring there’s never a dull moment in this musical adventure.

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The vibe here is electric; you can feel the euphoria seeping into every beat and melody. A few tracks that really hit the mark are “Love Reinvention,” “In Blue,” and “It’s Your Destiny.” What’s impressive is how they’ve balanced keeping things cozy with that familiar sound while delivering an exciting sonic evolution.  It’s a smooth journey that feels like coming home, so fans can just soak in the pure joy without worrying about any unexpected detours.

Love Reinvention plays off of her previous album’s tracks in a strange way. Take, for example, Track 4 on Reinvention—”In Blue”—versus Invention’s “In Electric Blue.” They’re like long-lost twins, sharing more than just a name.  “In Blue” is a banger –upbeat, full of hope, and just fierce, you know? It speeds up the original’s pop flavor with a classic house vibe that’s off the charts.

Embracing Familiarity in a Two-Volume Masterpiece

Reinvention is a bit of a wild ride. On one hand, it’s all about bringing in fresh vibes and new perspectives, which is super exciting. But then again, it can sometimes leave us all feeling a bit lost and yearning for the good ol’ familiar tunes we love.

The Love Invention and The Love Reinvention seem like they’re in cahoots and messing with our heads a bit. They go as far as sharing tracks, melodies, and themes, making it a real head-scratcher trying to distinguish between the two as separate works. But maybe that’s what she wanted us to feel.

Alison Goldfrapp posing for FLOOD Magazine

Alison Goldfrapp (via FLOOD Magazine)


You know, there are folks out there who’ve been craving something totally fresh and different from Goldfrapp’s previous stuff. But Goldfrapp is sticking to her guns in 2023. It’s got this undeniable charm that’ll hook you in and make you feel the groove. It’s like a reminder that Goldfrapp’s electronic music legacy is still going strong, no matter how the winds of change blow.

Goldfrapp’s Power In The LGBTQ+ Community

Whether leading Goldfrapp or embarking on her solo journey, Alison has always had a special connection with the LGBTQ+ community. Her music and artistic expression resonate deeply within this crowd for numerous reasons.

Alison’s exploration of gender and sexuality in her music and visuals has been bold and unapologetic. She embraces an androgynous aesthetic; her lyrics often reflect a fluid understanding of identity. This aspect of her artistry, as she admitted in an interview with Attitude, stems from her ambiguous feelings about sexuality. “There’s a directness there that people can relate to, and I myself am quite ambiguous about my sexuality,” Alison reflected. Her reluctance to conform to definitive labels – encapsulated in her self-description as “straight-ish”—has been a recurring theme in her career.

Goldfrapp’s music delves into themes of love, desire, and self-discovery – universal experiences with a particular resonance within the LGBTQ+ community. Her tracks like “Ooh La La” and “Number 1” from the Goldfrapp era and her solo projects have become anthems for many LGBTQ+ individuals. These songs provide a soundtrack for the unique experiences of relationships and self-acceptance in this community. The dancefloor-focused, house-heavy vibe of her debut solo album, The Love Invention, aligns perfectly with these themes.

Beyond her music, Alison’s advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights positions her as a true ally. Her open support for equality and understanding of the complexities of sexuality and identity further cement her connection with the LGBTQ+ community. She recognizes the importance of such representation and support, making her an icon and a voice for inclusivity and acceptance.

Goldfrapp’s Evolutionary Symphony

What really stands out about this album is how it dances on the tightrope between the old and the new. While Goldfrapp takes us on a journey through uncharted musical territories, she never loses sight of the familiar, giving her devoted fanbase a reassuring nod. It’s like she’s saying, “Hey, don’t worry, the essence you love is still here.” This delicate balancing act, where the known and unexplored come together, is a shining example of Goldfrapp’s artistry and deep connection with her fans’ cravings.


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