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My Heart Belongs To Daddies

Why I Love The Men of Carnal Media

by John Stevens
Adam Snow kissing Apprentice Roux after making love to him. Adamsnow is a bald caucasian man with thick fingers and rings. Roux is a fair pale young man with auburn hair. They both wear Masonic undershirts in white

I could be seventeen, thirty-two or seventy-nine and my love of daddies still will endure. Don’t get me wrong, a lovely twink with slender thighs, pert round bum and a sweet smile is always a blessing. But a daddy will never go out of style. Beefy chests, rugged faces, capable fingers, and the scent of man-musk delights me.

As a younger male I adored the attention of some of the older men, in fact some of my best sexual experiences have come from older queers between the ages of forty and seventy. As long as they had a good rhythm for fucking, were intelligent enough to hold a conversation with, and were able to give me a long enveloping hug after they finger fucked me to completion…I was all theirs.

A diptych: Adam Snow, a muscular bald man with a beard and mustache is completely nude in a tent except for a blue kerchief. His dick is being thoroughly swallowed by Serg Shepard, a younger caucasian male, Adam Snow's hand clasped under Serg's jaw. Lance Charger, a bearded mustached male with salt and pepper hair and a hairy chest has his pants pulled down by lusty twinks Cole Blue and Marcus Rivers, both boys are wearing scout uniforms. Lance Charger's erection is in full view, Marcus' sucking his lips in anticipation.

Adam Snow is treating Serg Shepard to his enormous cock and Lance Charger is being peeled out of his scoutmaster clothing by lusty scouts Cole Blue and Marcus Rivers. (Carnal Media)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single twink in possession of a good tight hole, must be in want of a daddy.”– Jane Austen… probably.

The infatuation with older men seems to be an ancestral sacrament of queerdom. The Ancient Greeks heavily encouraged intergenerational relationships as an educational rite of passage for young aristocratic males. This erastês-erômenos relationship is commonly known as pederasty, but due to modern connotations the term is insufficient to encompass the social, political and romantic aspects that were present in Ancient Greek society. The erastês (lover), the older male, courted the younger erômenos (beloved) usually when the younger male was at military training age of late teens. The age of these boys in contemporary times was consistent with the age of marriage for Greek young women. Unlike young women, however, both age and consent were crucial factors. In Athenian culture, erômenos had to be courted and could refuse men.

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The Theater of Daddies

In nearby Crete, this relationship was basically a ritualistic theater of abduction, where the erômenos was taken to the erastês’ andreion (basically a Cretan man-cave) and showered with gifts before a countryside “honeymoon” of sorts, featuring lots of hunting and feasting (among other things). This was the parallel to the mythic abduction of Ganymede by Zeus, who would later be honored with a sacrifice of an ox once the ritual relationship concluded. Additionally, only men whom the erômenos’ father deemed worthy were allowed to “take” his son, but the social honor in Crete of a kleinos (renowned, famous) son wearing the associated garments was deemed a huge boon. Fathers would pray for their sons to be handsome and desirable for the erotic passions of his social peers. Personally, I think wearing clothes that say “I got laid” is bragging, but freedom of speech, I guess.

 A diptych: Legrand Wolf, a tall auburn haired caucasian male is having his balls sucked in a saunca by Jonathan Maze, a young pale male primarily out of frame. Bishop Angus a burly bear male nude with dark hair and salt and pepper beard. His finger is touching a string of pre-cum from the cock of Cole Blue (his penis only in frame)

Legrand Wolf having his cock worshiped in the sauna by Jonathan Maze. Bishop Angus milking the pre-cum from Cole Blue while inside him. (Carnal Media)

Carnal Daddies

From the earliest works of Legrand Wolf, CEO of Carnal Media, intergenerational play has been a focus of his porn, and similar ritualistic educative storylines have existed. Influenced by Wolf’s own upbringing in the Mormon church, early films used the initiation ceremony and extrapolated upon the homosocial and homoerotic ritual between an older man and a young neophyte. As more channels have emerged, the interplay of intergenerational love has been the foundation of the Carnal brand. I wish to stress categorically though: all models in Carnal Media are above the age of consent (18 years old.) Porn is fantasy and consent is non-negotiable to participate in these fantasies. (Though, I wonder how many straight writers have to be so cautious in similar discussions.)

Modern day scholars highlight the potential power imbalance in real-world relationships between intergenerational lovers, and this cannot be ignored. I myself have been in a few imbalanced relationships with older men who felt deserving of particular attention due to the financial and social benefits I received dating and sleeping with an older man. By setting boundaries and mutual respect, intergenerational relationships can be deeply (excuse the pun) enjoyable.

What makes a good daddy?

Well of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all want to say “a big cock.” But, let’s be honest: a big dick does not always make a good fuck. Carnal Media has a variety of daddies from muscle gods to hairy bears, salt and pepper to ginger and chocolate, grizzled to chiseled… I cannot choose. But, I can help you make some choices based on some common traits I adore in a daddy.

A diptych of two daddies: Jack Dixon a burly caucasian male nude to the waist with a bald head, ginger mustache and beard heavily tattooed and exceptionally hairy. Dale Savage, a salt and pepper older male with a furrowed brow, nude with a hairy chest. Dale is mid-intercourse with Austin Young (legs and penis only visible), Austin has visibly recently ejaculated.

Jack Dixon displaying his fur and Dale Savage fucking a load out of willing twink Austin Young (Carnal Media)

Let us say you like a daddy who’s a bit hairy, we have Bishop Angus with his gloriously furry chest, thick juicy fingers and pert nipples, Jack Dixon a stoic tapestry of tattoos and fur with a growling orgasm, or the silver-haired Dale Savage beholden to his namesake as he roughly jackhammers you.

A triptych: Myles Landon, a bronze bodied muscular man is feeding his cock inside a white jockstrap to Ian Levine, a young caucasian male. Cain Marko a ginger pubed and shock white haired male with a ginger beard studded with snowy white and plenty of chest hair is having the head of his penis kissed by Serg Shepard, a caucasian male whose eyes and mouth are in frame. Ace Banner, a tanned bald and hairy chested male with a red kerchief around his neck is fucking Zack Dean (a tanned torso and pale bottomed twink almost entirely out of frame)

Myles Landon feeding his bulge to Ian Levine. Cain Marko having his knob polished by Serg Shepard and Ace Banner balls deep in Zack Dean. (Carnal Media)

These are just a few of my favorite things

Love a cheeky smile both carnal and seductive? Myles Landon of bronzed pecs and chiseled abs has a smile that is pure sin, and Cain Marko the ginger giant has a smile so gentle it secretes his burning lust. Maybe you prefer the nonchalant grin of Ace Banner as he focuses his smile on your ever-rising erection as he unbuttons your shirt, or Lance Charger’s sweet charming grin beguiling you as he deposits himself into you.

A diptych: Dolf Dietrich, a heavily tattooed and bronzed male with dark nipples, a beard and mustache is fucking Austin Young (his leg and bottom torso in frame). Dillon Stone, a tanned grey haired man with hairy chest and intense brow (a metal chain around his neck) is having his penis kissed by Maxwell Dawson a dark-haired twink whose head is in frame.

Dolf Dietrich pumping Austin Young and Dillon Stone having his dick kissed by Maxwell Dawson (Carnal Media)

If the eyes have it, Dolf Dietrich’s certainly do. He has deep earthy eyes that draw you in and entrance you to his smooth tattooed body. Dillon Stone, too, has an infinite well of seduction in his sapphire irises as he urges you to disrobe him. And of course, Adam Snow’s icy stare melts all men’s inhibitions—as does his gargantuan dick.

A diptych: Felix Kamp, a fully clothed male bespectacled, with a pale blue tie sits in a red chair with Cole Blue over his knee. Cole's erect penis is being teased with a wooden paddle, his white Masonic underwear pulled over the cock and balls, and his asshole presented. Felix Kamp, an older male with a thick beard and muscular body is having his dick sucked on a bed by Aidan Fox, facing away from the viewer, a dark haired male with a black bow-tie on.

Felix Kamp playing with the prostate Cole Blue and Max Sargent (Master Ballard) receiving a blowjob from slave boy Aidan Fox. (Carnal Media)

You want a voice that is lascivious, teasing and inviting? Felix Kamp can make a boy buckle from his Germanic bass as he gently commands you to bend over. Max Sargent hypnotizes you to undress with the grunts that he’ll pump in you. And then there’s  Legrand Wolf’s congenial tone, which juxtaposes his animalistic thrusts as he shoots a creamy load.

A triptych: Damien Oaks, a extremely handsome older male with salt and pepper hair and strong dark eyebrows is wearing a white business shirt, his cuffs rolled up. His hands are spreading the ass cheeks of out-of-frame Austin Young with only his asshole and taint visible. Mitch Cox, a tanned handsome man with a strong well-groomed mustache of deepest brown is thrusting himself into Oliver James (completely out of frame). Dallas Steele, a white haired muscular man with a strong handsome face looks down expectantly onto Jonathan Maze, a pale young male looking at Dallas' bare shaved chest with empty eyes.

Damien Oaks is inspecting the asshole of Austin Young. Mitch Cox is fully inside OIiver James and Dallas Steele looks down lustfully at the innocent eyed Jonathan Maze. (Carnal Media).

Age and survival

And of course all these daddies are handsome, but for the lovers of classical romanticism, Damien Oaks has a salt-and-pepper “Prince Eric” face so divine its criminal. The swarthy handsomeness of Mitch Cox is mesmerizing with a bushy mustache of the late 19th century, and TV-journo-turned-muscle-daddy Dallas Steele compels me through his perfect chin to get on all fours and let him have his way with me.

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Queer elders are sacred: many were lost to the HIV/AIDs epidemic of the 80s and 90s in the Western world. With the ever-growing awareness of homosexuality in the mainstream, closeted people are coming out later in life. We are seeing an influx of same-sex attracted gentlemen of the older generation. Those who experienced the grief and shame of the past are now in the prime of their existence.

To my mind, it is imperative that men of all ages are seen as potential romantic, filial and sexual partners. So be a good patriot. Fuck a daddy, jerk off to one today. Or flirt with your best friend’s dad like Australian TikTok musician Tom Cardy.

Note: To all the Carnal Daddies I have missed in my treatise above. Do not despair. I jerk off to you as well.

Sources: Big Think, Carnal Media, The Journal of Hellenic Studies, Inquiries Journal, Medium, StMU Research Scholars, Tom Cardy

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