After Years in the Wilderness, Beloved Site MormonBoyz Gets Rebooted as Masonic Boys

Carnal Media recreates the magic of the original pervy fan fave with its 21st site.

Before Mormonism, there was Freemasonry. And post MormonBoyz, there is Masonic Boys, where young men are indoctrinated into a surprisingly sexy secret society.

That’s the latest site from Legrand Wolf’s Carnal Media (Gaycest, Scout Boys, Twink Top). Which is really an old site, given that Wolf and his husband were the original creators of MormonBoyz at their previous company. They were forced to relinquish that site—along with Family Dick—in 2018. Shortly afterward, MormonBoyz was retitled Missionary Boys (as vanilla as you can get).

In a way, this is a purer form of MormonBoyz. That previous site ignored everything about the religion except the rituals—which came directly from Masonry anyway. Now Wolf and his husband, Jay, return to the aesthetic and wardrobe that first made his name. “Freemasonry is the father of Mormonism. Indeed modern Mormonism is entirely borrowed from other traditions, and is the somewhat boring version of its ancestral secret societies,” Wolf said in a statement. “Masonic powerfully captures the eroticism of the older male-younger male dynamic.”

Watch the trailer below for a taste of what’s in store!


  1. I love Missionary Boys and I’m looking forward to viewing Masonic Boys. Does anyone know if it will be apart of Say Uncle memberships?

  2. In short: their updates are very slim and irregular for unknown reasons.
    They just update once a month and sometimes it’s either just the scene or just the graphic novel. It’s just strange and bizarre.
    Glad that the situation about Masonic/Mormon/Missionary -boys(z) got explained.
    I think everyone would appreciate to keep the same energy and go further with explaining the Growlboys situation too

  3. That’s great news!
    Now all that’s left for Carnal Media is for them to reclaim
    I think everyone would greatly appreciate it for somebody from TheGayGoods team to address this whole weird and bizarre situation revolving Growlboys too

    • I just checked and growlboys is under Legrand’s Carnal Media. I do remember some drama surrounding it, but I think Legrand got to keep it.

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