After Major Surgery, Dolf Dietrich Used His Marketing Savvy to Completely Reinvent Himself

Making himself his own best customer, the muscle daddy sketched out a whole new life for himself that he methodically brought to life, ultimately becoming a fixture of gay porn and live sex shows.

Muscle and tattoo daddy Dolf Dietrich, a decade-long fixture in gay porn, joins The Gay Goodies for a special one-on-one interview in which he talks about his radical physical transformation, his periodic need to reinvent himself, and his recent breakup with Jack Mackenroth, which the latter took public.

Dietrich addressed the drama while wishing Mackenroth well, but mostly kept his focus on the future, including several upcoming live shows and work with studios like Carnal Media.

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Watch the full interview below, and let us know what gay porn star you’d next like to see interviewed for The Gay Goodies!

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