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Dolf Dietrich Teaches Young Scouts Cole and Mark Some Important Lessons in the Woods

by Mark Durane

I really like Scoutmaster Dietrich. He could tell I was a bit homesick and often came over to give my shoulders an encouraging rub while the other boys weren’t watching. And he looks so handsome in his uniform…

Scoutmaster Dietrich spent much of the trip poking fun at me and Mark. He called us Little and Large and said he was pleased we were getting on so well. He took us on a few excursions. Just the three of us. We went swimming in the lake and he dared us to take all our clothes off. Mark actually did it! I went down to my boxer trunks and got in the water as quickly as I could because I kept getting hard!

Then on the last day Mr Dietrich said we could pitch our tent further away from the rest of the boys. The three of us rowed out to an island in the lake and got the tent up in record time. We spread out the sleeping bags and had a real deep conversation. We talked about school and family… and then it got a bit racy! Scoutmaster Dietrich asked if I’d ever kissed a girl. I refused to answer. I must have gone bright red. I’m sure it was pretty obvious that I hadn’t! Mark said he had but I didn’t believe him.

Then Dietrich suddenly asked if me and Mark had done anything together. Oh my gosh! My heart was thumping. “I’ve seen the way you look at each other!” He said. I didn’t know where to look. I didn’t know if he was going to tell us off. I could see that Dietrich was rubbing Mark’s thigh, just below his shorts and above his knee. I was shocked but Mark was smiling, taking it in his stride. I wondered if Mark and Scoutmaster Dietrich had touched like that before. It was like they were boyfriends or something.

Scoutmaster Dietrich told us to kiss each other. I didn’t know if he was teasing me, but Mark leaned in and… well… Oh my! I didn’t think I’d know what to do, but it felt better than it had ever felt in my dreams! Dietrich kept rubbing Mark’s leg, so as I kissed him, I brought my hand up to his crotch… and actually felt his penis! And it was hard!

Mr Dietrich got his hand up the leg of Mark’s shorts, grabbed his penis and started to pull at it. It looked amazing and I felt a little jealous that it wasn’t happening to me. But then the Scoutmaster leaned in and started kissing me. Properly kissing! He’d chosen to kiss me first! I felt so excited – and proud. And he kissed so well. His beard was brushing hard against my chin but his lips were so soft. It felt amazing. I felt like a proper man.

I started kissing Mark again with the same sort of intensity as Dietrich had kissed me. It felt good. Powerful. I felt a little dominant, I suppose, like I was really getting the hang of things. Dietrich knelt behind Mark and started to undress him, so I joined in and undid some of the buttons on his shirt. It felt hot that the Scoutmaster and I were kind of joining forces. Mark was ours to play with! I liked how smooth and cute his body looked. We left his neckerchief and cap on.

Dietrich grabbed Mark’s nipples and squeezed them real hard. Mark looked like he was in pain, but a god kind of pain, somehow. His nipples were really large and looked rock hard. I wanted to twist them myself. Heck! I wanted to bite them…

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