Maxx Cameron Gets Fingered and Milked by Dom Daddy Felix Kamp

First time scout Maxx Monroe gets fingered and milked by dominant, older daddy bear Scoutmaster Kamp.

Scoutmaster Kamp finished pinning Maxx’s lapel, smoothing it out and making sure it sat flat. As he did, his strong fingers grazed the boy’s firm, athletic chest, feeling its form for the first time.

Kamp’s hands lingered a little bit longer than Maxx thought was necessary, but he was locked in an immovable stance. His eyes darted down, looking to see what Kamp was doing, thinking that maybe it was something official. But when Kamp’s hands moved down to the boy’s crotch, it became clear that this was not part of the manual he’d studied.


“Scoutmaster?” Maxx responded. His voice was confused and alarmed. He didn’t know what exactly was happening.

“You’re ready to take your oath, yes?” Kamp’s question was pointed. His tone was no different than before when he was administering the previous pledge. He continued with the authority he had shown before, throwing the young man off. He didn’t know everything about the scouts, but this seemed irregular to say the least. Still, he didn’t want to inadvertently ruin his initiation.

“Y-yes, I am.” Maxx felt his face flush and his heart race, sweat building on his brown and his neck as the older man’s grip on his cock tightened. He’d never been handled like this before, feeling his member begin to swell up from pressure created by the man’s fingers. He didn’t mean to get hard, but it was happening, and there was no way he could hide it or deny it.

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