Johnny Hill and Dacotah Red Are Hot—But What Is This Set Dressing?

What says "Pure Filth" more than a brand new, sparkling toilet in the middle of a room?

Look. I’m beginning to think that the people who make porn either think we’re too horny to care or too dumb to notice that they are either insulting us or using lazy shorthand to convey atmosphere.

Case in point: Hot, tatted muscle guys Johnny Hill and Dacotah Red share an intense, sweaty flip-flop fuck in “Pure Filth.” But because this is the Raw arm of Next Door, that’s not enough. They need us to know that this is a sleazy fuck. And what says sleaze more than… rolls of chicken wire? A sparkling toilet? One of the iron cots from the Active Duty set tipped on its side? (Disorder? Now that that’s filthy!)

I hope I didn’t ruin the release for you because these guys are fuck machines, but I’m also the guy who scrolled past everyone with a dirty mirror in their Grindr profile photo, so take it with a grain of salt. Which I’m sure some poor PA is currently dumping in the corner of the next Raw set to convey urban distress.

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