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Big Bears Rusty and Ty Fuck Loads Out of One Another

by Tony Bullock

Rusty has wanted a piece of Ty ever since he saw the big boy sitting at the bar. He was glad when he invited him back to his house to fuck.

As soon as they got there, Ty was unzipping Rusty’s shorts and diving in, sucking on his tool as Rusty laid back. Ty then got undressed, and Rusty worked his nipples before filling his mouth with Ty’s ass. Ty loved having his hole teased and tasted by Rusty’s skilled tongue. Ty then gets on his back, where Rusty continued playing with his hole, getting it ready for his cock. With Ty’s legs in the air, Rusty slides his pierced dick into his deep, hungry hole.

Rusty pumped Ty’s ass before flipping him on his knees for more. Ty takes as much of a pounding as Rusty can give, which makes Rusty fuck harder. Ty then rides Rusty until he shoots his cum on his ginger belly. Rusty then sits back and strokes his load out while Ty plays with his hole.

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