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Blond Jock Gets Fucked on the Physical Therapist’s Table

by Tony Bullock

Kameron is a young, handsome, heavy-set, smooth, blond guy. He lies on his bed, naked but for a pair of tight shorts. He’s waiting to see a physio-therapist.

The physio arrives. Jimy is a lean, cute, dark-haired lad, dressed in a white, medical uniform. He asks what’s wrong and Kameron explains. Jimy starts to assess Kameron, casually telling him to remove his shorts and underpants to get a better sense of the problem.

Jimy examines Kameron’s upper thighs, running his hands seductively over his soft skin. It immediately proves too much for the patient, whose dick starts to harden.

Before long Jimy is straddling Kameron on the bed, grinding himself over the blond guy’s body with deep thrusting movements. The two men start kissing: Intense, deep, passionate kissing.

Jimy starts to suck Kameron off. His mouth almost swallows Kameron’s weighty, cut cock while his wet, sensual French lips glide over his patient’s shaft with increasing intensity.

Seconds later, Jimy is on his back on the bed, and Kameron is squatting between his legs, relentlessly pounding his dick deep into the therapist’s smooth hole, while Jimy gasps and moans. The bed vibrates with the rhythm of Kameron’s excited strokes which get harder and faster. The headboard bangs against the wall behind the bed.

Kameron pulls out and blasts vast quantities of sticky sperm only Jimy’s stomach. The semen flies up as far as Jimy’s face and forms a puddle in his belly button.

Within seconds, Jimy himself is shooting his load. His man juice flies neatly into the pool of cum on his stomach.

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