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Chris Damned Has the Dick, the Face—and the Range

by Tony Bullock

This could very well be the year of Chris Damned. The perennially in-demand model has been popping up everywhere the last few months (including of course our own The Gay Goodies!), and this week’s new releases proves why.

In Capitol Affairs, he’s a deliveryman with a big package that Adrian Hart gleefully rips open and hops onto. (And as anyone who saw their recent encounter knows: together, these two are fire!)

In Fisting Central’s Maniacal, he’s a doctor who knows exactly what kind of treatment Bryce Hart is in desperate need for. (Spoiler alert: It’s fisting.)

And in Gone in a Flash, he’s just another handsome commuter who catches the eye of Emma Rose. And what Emma Rose wants, Emma Rose gets. So it isn’t long before the subway car is empty, and Chris is balls deep in her ass.

Like all great performers, there’s a real throughline to his work and that’s as good a summation as any. Chris is drawn to roles as disparate as deliverymen and doctors, but they all share a burning desire: To be balls deep in someone.

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