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Mail Bag: Can These 18-Year-Old Students Make the Grade?

by John Valjean

Ellis Finn looked out the window of his classroom and sighed. Another routine school year was nearing its uneventful end, and in a few months, it would all start over. Three years into his teaching career, and the 32-year-old newlywed began to question whether the path he had taken was too safe. The impulsive young jock who spent a year traveling across Europe after college, fucking and being fucked by the most casual of strangers, seemed like a wholly different person to Ellis. Another sigh quietly echoed through the empty space as Ellis flipped through a stack of largely uninspired essays. Finally, the silence was broken by the buzz of the instructor’s phone rattling in his desk drawer. Ellis closed his eyes, praying that it was anybody other than his wife Tracey.

“Hey,” Ellis said, answering the call. “Nothing’s wrong. I’m in the middle of a meeting with Mr. Sharkey. Sure. Sure. I’ll stop there on the way home. Text me what you want me to pick up. I’ll be home after I hit the gym. Mmm-hmmm. Me too.”

A third sigh came, but Ellis shook it off before it could finish. He grabbed the essays and shoved them in his satchel, muttering a few profane words to himself. The instructor was so preoccupied that he failed to notice that his classroom was no longer empty.

“Should we come back tomorrow, Mr. Finn?” a deep voice called out from the opposite side of the room.

It was Clay Spencer, a member of the school’s wrestling team and a senior. Ellis made a conscious effort to not let on when he was attracted to his students, but Clay put the instructor’s skills to the test. The 18-year-old athlete had piercing blue eyes, short wavy black hair that begged to be tousled, and his body was thick with muscle. And that goddamn smile. Ellis found it difficult to remain focused on anything but the blood flowing straight to his organ whenever the young man laughed.

“Hello, boys,” Ellis said with a faint southern drawl. “Come on in.”

Clay was joined by his best friend and fellow athlete, Jordan Lane. While Ellis did not have Jordan in any of his classes, the educator was more than familiar with the swim team captain. Ellis attended several meets just to leer at the svelte athlete in his tight Speedos. This was, of course, under the guise of school spirit. However, seeing these two 18-year-olds together in his classroom was causing Ellis’s cock to harden, so he remained in his chair.

“Mr. Ellis, I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to bring my grade up,” Clay said. “My Dad’ll murder me if I don’t graduate in a few weeks.”

“Clay, the deadline for submitting extra credit was Friday,” Ellis said. “You know that.”

“I thought we might be able to work out another arrangement, Mr. Finn,” Clay continued, moving closer to the instructor’s desk. “That’s why I brought Jordan with me. He said he’d be willing to help me out.”

“Help you out?” Ellis asked.

“Sucking that fat cock of yours, Mr. Finn,” Clay said. “I mean, I see how hard you get around me, sir. I wouldn’t be surprised if you swelled up the moment I walked in.”

This has to be some sort of put-on, Ellis thought. Jordan turned back toward the door, pulling the blind down and locking it. Both students had a similar look in their eyes: lust. Ellis’ hand moved to his cock, which was pushing through the front of his khakis. Two men at the same time? It had been over a decade since the instructor had last taken part in something like this. Too long, Ellis thought. Much too long.

“Boys, y-you can’t be serious,” Ellis stammered, trying to gauge the authenticity of their proposal. “School is still in session for another hour.”

“Mr. Finn, I need to graduate, and you need to get off,” Clay said, pulling his letterman jacket off and tossing it over a chair. Jordan did the same. “Come on, sir. Let’s help each other out.”

By the time Clay and Jordan were in front of Ellis’s desk, the two were standing in tight boxer briefs and showing off stunning toned physiques. The instructor felt the dampness on the front of his own shorts. His precum was leaking from the head of his cock. Ellis looked at the clock. The campus must still be full. Was the risk worth the consequences?

“Fuck it,” Ellis said, standing up to reveal his hard-on to the teens.

Tearing off his clothes and letting them fall to the floor, Ellis moved around his desk to Clay and Jordan. The instructor leaned on the front of the desk, holding onto his dripping shaft and shaking it back and forth. For a moment, he worried the two would shout “Gotcha!” and call the whole thing off, but the young men fell to their knees in front of Ellis, both hungry for the thick piece of meat inches away from their faces.

“You won’t regret this, Mr. Finn,” Clay said before planting his lips around the instructor’s cock and sucking it straight down to the balls. The wrestler had skills off the mat as well.

“Fuck… suck it, boy… suck that fucking cock,” Ellis grunted. “You want to bring your grade up? Then you need to work for it.” Ellis leaned forward and placed his hand on the back of Jordan’s head. “Don’t just sit there, kid. Work on my nutsack!”

Jordan nuzzled his face below Ellis’ scrotum and let his tongue turn every which way around the instructor’s balls. Ellis closed his eyes and let his head fall back, immediately reflecting on all the times he would bring guys back to his college dorm to fuck. He spent so much time banging classmates that he was genuinely surprised to have graduated with a respectable GPA.

“Shit… your cock is so much fucking bigger than I imagined, Mr. Finn,” Clay said, momentarily removing his mouth from the instructor’s shaft.

Jordan took the opportunity to move onto Ellis’ cock, sliding it down his throat and letting his lips rest against the man’s pubic region. Ellis’ entire body shuddered, and he grabbed onto the desk to steady himself. Jordan’s tongue slithered methodically from side to side, under the base of Ellis’s manhood. The instructor bit his bottom lip and exhaled, focusing on not blowing his load too soon.

“He’s pretty great at that, isn’t he?” Clay laughed. Ellis answered with a slight nod. “I’ve asked him to teach my girlfriend, but he hasn’t taken me up on it.”

Ignoring his friend’s commentary, Jordan went on sucking the instructor off. The young man possessed some advanced techniques, Ellis thought. The way Jordan’s tongue moved was causing the hair on the back of the instructor’s neck to stand up straight. Ellis’ hand clasped onto Jordan’s hair to ensure the swimmer remained in place.

“Work that cock… fucking hell,” Ellis howled.

Standing up, Clay brought his face to Ellis’ and began to kiss his instructor. This was no peck, something he had become far too accustomed to of late. No, this was a sensuous kiss from a passionate young man who was willing to put in the necessary work for a decent grade. The musk from Ellis’ crotch blanketed Clay’s face, and it was driving Ellis up the wall.

Ellis was shocked by the students’ behavior. Clay had dated most of the cheerleading squad at one time or another. As for Jordan, he was in a committed relationship with Madison Clemmons since the two were freshmen. But here they were, taking the instructor’s sizable cock like it was nothing. Ellis’ mind raced, considering who must have trained them this well. He always suspected that the wrestling and swim coaches were a group of lascivious animals, but now it was all but confirmed. Good for them.

“Shit… mmmm… I’m gonna cum, boy,” Ellis moaned, wishing he had the strength to hold out longer.

Pulling free from the instructor’s grasp, Clay fell beside Jordan just as ribbons of cum began spraying from Ellis’ glistening cock. The two students gobbled up the spunk, sharing the generous amount that drained from the man’s balls. Ellis felt lightheaded from his rousing orgasm, which felt as though it might not come to an end. He hadn’t experienced anything like this since long before he was married.

When Ellis looked down between his legs, he found the handsome athletes making out as they shared the cum that was dripping down their perfect faces. The instructor grabbed his drenched cock and gave it a couple of tugs. It didn’t take more than a few seconds before the blood shot back through the muscle, bringing it to life again. Ellis remembered what it was like to be a horny teenager, still in the prime of his sexual awakening.

“I think he needed that more than he let on,” Clay said.

“No doubt,” Jordan replied.

“Who’s going for the first ride, boys?” Ellis snarled as he slid his fist down his engorged dick.

It was Jordan. The swimmer stood up and walked over to the whiteboard, spreading his legs and offering his perfect ass to Ellis. The instructor buried his throbbing cock inside the teenager, fucking him as furiously as he had in so many late-night masturbatory fantasies. Jordan, the object of Ellis’ desire, bounced enthusiastically on the instructor’s grateful tool.

“Squeeze down on it, boy… fuck… squeeze down on my fucking cock!” Ellis shouted, not concerned about his volume or the sounds of their bodies slapping together. “Yeah… just like that… grab onto that cock!”

While the instructor fucked the gorgeous swimmer, Clay sat on the desk, stroking his meat. “Fuck him harder, Mr. Finn,” Clay said. “He can take it… trust me.”

“Is that right, boy?” Ellis huffed in Jordan’s ear, his drawl becoming more prominent. “You like it rough?”

“Ungh… y-yeah… fuck yeah, sir,” Jordan answered. “Please.”

Not that Ellis was going easy on the swimmer, but he pushed himself to bang Jordan at a more feverish speed. The instructor was barely in control of his hips as he plowed the young man, growling obscenities the entire time. Ellis felt more alive than he had in years. The man began contemplating where he could go to fuck more men and how he would conceal these inevitable escapades from Tracey.

Suddenly a cock was pushing against Ellis’s thigh. “You’re enjoying yourself, aren’t you, Mr. Finn?” asked Clay, standing beside the instructor.

“More than I expected,” Ellis answered, still plowing Jordan with force. “C’mere, kid,” the instructor said, pulling Clay in for a kiss.

Clay ran his fingers across Ellis’s abs and up to his pecs, squeezing the man’s chest. “Shit, Mr. Finn… you need to stop letting this body go to waste.”

It was exhilarating to feel desired, Ellis thought. Sure, Clay was here to hustle for a higher grade, but it was evident that the young man thirsted after his instructor. Ellis figured that the sexy athlete must have had a long line of studs to screw at a moment’s notice. The man hoped he could find a way into Clay’s rotation of fuck buddies.

“Oh… fuck… can’t take… much more, Mr. Finn,” Jordan said, his legs quivering as Ellis sustained his relentless fucking.

“Shit… won’t be… much… aaaah… longer, boy! FUUUUCK!!!”

Thumping his body against the ripped student, Ellis shot his second thick load inside Jordan’s battered hole. Sweat poured down the instructor’s muscled frame as he fought to catch his breath while kissing Clay. Ellis pulled his cock from Jordan’s ass and kneeled down to press his face between the student’s asscheeks. Greedily, Ellis lapped up the thick gobs of cum flowing from the swimmer’s bottom.

“And he’s a fucking cum pig too,” laughed Clay.

Ellis was too absorbed with devouring his seed to turn his attention to Clay. It had been so long since he feasted on his own salty juices, or submerged his tongue into another man’s asshole, for that matter. Hearing Clay moan as Ellis ate the teen out was causing the instructor’s dick to inflate again. It wouldn’t be long before he was ready to plow Clay.

“What do you say, Mr. Finn?” Clay asked. “You want us to come back after you caught your second wind?”

Standing tall, Ellis didn’t like the assumption that he couldn’t keep up with the teenagers. Partly because it was probably true. But he was ready to push past his limits to make sure both students left his classroom satisfied.

“Bend over, boy,” Ellis said, grabbing Clay and pushing him face down over the desk. “Jordan, your buddy is something of a loudmouth, isn’t he? Why don’t you quiet him the fuck down?”

Fucking the muscled teen from both ends, Ellis and Jordan went in hard on Clay. Ellis couldn’t believe he was watching his cock disappear inside the magnificent young wrestler’s asshole. The man’s hands wandered down the back of the teen’s thighs, enjoying every smooth inch of muscular flesh. Ellis had more sexual partners than he could possibly count, but he didn’t think he ever fucked someone as handsome as Clay Spencer.

“Fuck, boy… I think you’re gonna earn a passing grade!” Ellis promised, his body slapping energetically against the teen.

“You love that cock, don’t you?” Jordan said, his chiseled frame shifting back and forth as he fucked his buddy’s face. “Yeah… get all of it… fuck… you suck cock better than Coach Allen.”
That slimy bastard, Ellis thought. That lucky slimy bastard. Coach Allen was a married man who regularly shared stories about the women he banged on the side. Ellis assumed the raunchy tales he shared in the teacher’s lounge mainly were—if not all—fabricated by the lewd coach. However, it appeared as though the muscle-bound Romeo was simply changing the gender of his many conquests. Ellis figured he might have to stroll past the coach’s office tomorrow to examine the man’s proficiency at sucking cock.

“Fuck him, Mr. Finn… he’s had a crush on you forever,” Jordan admitted with a sly smile.

Ellis let his body fall across Clay’s so he could whisper in the teen’s ear as they fucked. “Is that right, boy? Hmmm? Have you been waiting to ride my dick? Didn’t you know you could have it anytime you asked?”

“Mmm-hrrrmmm,” was the only thing Clay could get out, considering he had nine inches of cock disappearing down his throat.

The instructor couldn’t help but smile as his sweaty frame pummeled the wrestler, who thankfully didn’t apply himself all semester. He could feel his balls ready to unleash another load, but he didn’t attempt to savor this climax. Ellis was confident of one thing: there would be plenty more assholes to fill after this one.

“Fuck… fuck, boy… oooooohhh!!!” Ellis shouted as he came inside Clay. “Shit… that was… just what I needed.” As the last of the instructor’s cum filled the teen’s asshole, he realized that he needed one more thing from the sexy young athletes before their encounter concluded.

A few minutes later, Ellis was on his knees in front of his desk, staring down the end of two thick wands being spiritedly jerked. The moaning coming from the students told Ellis to open his mouth wide. Cum splattered across the man’s face in multiple gusts. Much of it flowed into Ellis’ mouth, but the rest was scooped up with his hands for him to devour.

“Shit, boys… I’m a mess,” Ellis laughed, wiping the last of the cum from his eyes.

“I think you look hot as fuck, Mr. Finn,” Clay said, letting his cock slap the man on the side of the face.

Ellis looked up at the clock and let out a sigh. “Fuck.”

Shortly after six p.m., Tracey Finn came downstairs after hearing her front door close. “Ellis?” she called out, looking around to see if her husband was home. Instead, she found a plain paper bag containing the Chinese food she asked him to bring home for dinner. There was a hurried note written on the side of the bag. It was from Ellis.

“Tutoring students. B home late.”

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