Watch Chris Damned Discuss the Joys of Having an Uncut Dick

Chris Damned might not describe his cock as impressive, but his fans sure as hell would!

Anyone who has seen Chris Damned’s work over the last year knows exactly what his dick looks like: Long, thick, uncut. The definition of a fuck stick. During his interview on The Gay Goodies, he shied away from saying his cock is “impressive,” but does admit that it’s beautiful.

Chris Damned Huffs a Stranger’s Briefs in a Seedy Motel

More importantly, he feels sorry for all the Americans he’s inspiring lust in who don’t still have their foreskin, because being uncut makes things a lot easier.

Being uncut makes important things easier. Like traffic jams. Because Chris is always ready to jack off, no lube or spit required, that translates into lots and lots of car loads, as he discusses below.

Check out the full interview on YouTube!

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