Shut the Fuck Up and Breed Me

Sometimes we crave the connection. Sometimes we just want to be used like human Fleshjacks. We just want that hot white cum in our guts.

“Sometimes I feel very ashamed for feeling this way so hopefully I can get support,” says reddit user Antiquefinder85. “Please no one send me hate.”

Sometimes I feel the same way too. Dirty, wrong, unethical. Sometimes I’m afraid to even talk about it. Especially with people I don’t know too well. But Antiquefinder85 isn’t talking about religion, or being gay, or even liking Katy Perry’s last album.

He’s talking about getting bred.

He’s talking about having another man ejaculate inside of him without a condom. Antiquefinder85 wants what a lot of sexually active people want but were once too nervous to talk about. Luckily, over the past decade the discussion and the kink have blossomed more honestly and openly for a number of reasons. And people, especially gay men, are getting very into it. 

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I’m one of those people. But I’ve never been able to put exact words as to why. After all, the average ejaculation is only 1.5 to 5 milliliters. A negligible amount. But it’s enough to drive people completely bonkers (including myself). I wanted honest, uncensored answers that spoke to this. Naturally, I went to reddit. People’s answers on various threads ranged from affectionate and emotional, to natural and primal, and even sometimes just downright naughty and dirty. 

Take this comment from user Prettylieswillperish: “I want them to feel when my cum is pumping inside them, that for that moment we’re just one person. That they have given me something so beautiful, I don’t think there’s anything more wonderful, short of creating a family.” Even more of an emotional register can be felt from Antiquefinder85: “It feels nice when he sits there after it happens and we just hold each other. It brings deep emotions to me. In fact I cried when my ex came inside of me once because of how passionate it felt.”

Sometimes, it’s less about emotion and connection and more about animalistic drives. Dominating an ass or being submissive is a common refrain. “To me, it’s kinda like a sign of conquered territory, or showing everyone else what’s yours,” says user Rainbowgeoff.  “You see that cum leaking out that ass? That’s my cum. My ass.” And for some tops, having the bottom eagerly beg and plead for his cum is enough to drive them over the edge. HowlettShuck agrees: “Yeah a boy telling me how he wants to mate and how he wants to carry on my lineage with an entire litter makes me bust instantly.” 

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Then there’s another category of breeding lovers. For them, there’s nothing emotional about it. There’s nothing even animalistic about it. They identify as human fleshjacks available for use. Cumdumps, they’re commonly called. A person who regards themselves as only a repository for semen. It’s become its own field of sexual practice and is far more common than people think (at least, far more common than we let the straights think). 

XX_BitchBoy_XX tells it like it is (and it’s not for the faint of heart): “It’s the thrill of being used like a whore. The fabulous feeling of a cock in my hole. Knowing my asshole felt so good a cock exploded inside it. A good sub faggot will never say no, and will stay in position until all balls are drained. When a guy cums in my cunt I feel complete and have accomplished my purpose in life. I don’t have to see his face. His cock size is his only identification.”

The advent of PreP and the efficacy of HIV retroviral drugs have been huge and obvious gamechangers for gay men. Risk has been lessened, life-changingly so. But it’s obviously not been eliminated. STIs are still an important factor to consider, and people should be regularly tested and communicate about it.  

But at the end of the day, breeding kinks aren’t going anywhere. Pornhub’s data shows that “cum inside”, “breeding”, and “creampie” are consistently trending throughout the years for its gay channel. And the numbers are only going up. I think reddit user Somekook put it best: “It’s hot because it’s stigmatized. It’s hot because it’s intimate. It’s hot because it’s natural. It’s hot because it’s dangerous.” 

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