EXCLUSIVE: Dolf Dietrich Addresses Breakup Drama and What’s Next

The muscle and tattoo daddy speaks up about his recent split from partner—in life and work—Jack Mackenroth in this preview of his full-length interview for The Gay Goods.

Much of Dolf Dietrich’s personal and professional relationship with Jack Mackenroth played out publicly on social media—which hardly makes them singular in the world of adult entertainment, where the personal is profitable. But recently, it was their acrimonious breakup that was being splashed across Twitter by Mackenroth.

Dietrich remained largely silent on Twitter as Mackenroth vented online. Now, he’s speaking out—and he’s got some choice words for his ex, who also lives in Dietrich’s apartment building.

“I wish nothing but the best for Jack,” Dietrich says, adding, “He’s an amazing, talented, beautiful, smart, funny man.”

That reaction may be surprising to some, but as Dietrich tells editor-in-chief Mark Peikert, he’s on the precipice of another reinvention and doesn’t have time to waste on recriminations or regret. He’s focused on the future—including more content and upcoming live shows.

Watch Dietrich’s frank and funny conversation about his start in gay porn, coming into his own as a gay man in NYC in the early aughts, and his own personal physical transformation in the full Gay Goodies interview. And watch Dietrich address the drama—including his most recent conversation with Mackenroth—in the clip below.

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