Amateur Foodie Jurgen Walter Gets His Ass Glazed by Mariano Basso’s Fat Sausage

Why slave over a hot stove that won't love you back when you could slave over a hot cock instead? Dick is always more appreciative anyway.

With visions of sugar plums dancing in his head as he browses his cookbook, 20-year-old Jurgen Walter looks up to find that Mariano Basso has walked in, bulge first, and needs some attention. 

Before long, all thoughts of cooking are relegated to the back of Jurgen’s fevered mind as he focuses on fucking instead. His appetizer consists of Mariano’s big dick, but Jurgen is eager for the main course: a bareback ride on his buddy’s cock, finishing in a creamy dessert that he more than earns!

Watch the trailer below, and join for more delicious taste sensations!

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