5 Questions We Have From Hot House’s ‘Towel Boy’ Cover Art

Including why anyone chose a font that looks like Cheez Whiz was used to spell out the title.

Hot House just released the key art for its upcoming film Towel Boy, and we have some questions…

  1. Why do designers insist on acting as if chunky italic fonts are readable?
  2. Where, exactly, is the sun? Max Konnor is casting a shadow on the pool water, but both those towel boys are casting shadows in the opposite direction.
  3. Is that a wading pool? Why else would the edge come to Max’s knee?
  4. Is it weird that none of the models are named on the cover, but the directors and executive producer are? Is the executive producer a reason people buy porn?
  5. Why is Dylan Hayes clutching a towel to his chest? Even Instagram lets men show both their nipples. (And good call on keeping the towels rolled up rather than tying one around you like a normal.)

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