This Candle Offers Notes of Condoms and Pizza for Those Missing One-Night Stands

Missing random hook-ups? Here's your chance to relive a very specific kind with the One-Night Stand(le).

Smell is a powerful stimulant—just ask the makers of Rush. And the smells of places other than our own apartments have bene in short supply these last 10 months. Remember hot garbage on the streets of New York City? Wet concrete in Los Angeles? The smell of Axe body spray in the bathroom of that one-night stand who used beach towels for curtains and tugged one down to wipe up the mess after he fucked the cum out fo you?

In case you’re missing the scent of a hook-up (assuming you have been chaste, no judgments either way!), British candlemaker Flaming Crap has a solution: The One Night Stand(le).

Yes, now you can light up the comforting smells of everyone’s favorite late-night activity, with this unique, four-layer candle. With a 30-hour burn time, here’s your chance to relive your glory days or see what hook-ups smell like if it’s never been your thing.

After you touch match to wick, you’ll get notes of Flaming Crap’s “iconic” (their word) pizza scent. That’s followed by the invigorating smell of Passion Fruit Martini, the perfect beverage complement to a pizza dinner. Once you’ve unwound a bit, One Night Stand(le) goes in for the kill with a “luscious” (again, their word) latex aroma, before burning out with new car smell.

Personally, we’ll miss the smell of amyl nitrate and lube, but we are intrigued by what those moments when pizza morphs into passion fruit martini could possibly smell like. For $20, we can find out!

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