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Skinny Hung Ginger Pizza Boy Barebacks Sexy Older Customer

by Tony Bullock

Connor delivers pizzas for a restaurant across town. He’s a student at the local college and he likes older men!

I discovered this for myself a couple of weeks ago when a tall, lanky red-head turned up at my apartment holding a giant pizza box… Let’s just say we fucked like rabbits all afternoon.

I ordered pizza again this afternoon, hoping Connor would deliver and was very pleased when I opened the door to find him standing there. Within seconds we were kissing.

He took his T-shirt off, exposing his sexy, lithe, pale, hairless torso. He was rock hard, so I undid the zipper of his jeans to discover he wasn’t wearing underwear!

I got on my knees and started to suck his giant dick. I sucked hard, then soft. Shallow, then deep. I tickled his head with the tip of my tongue. He casually rested his hand on my head and moaned quietly, taking everything in his stride!

His jeans had fallen around his ankles. I could feel his mobile phone in his pocket, so I pulled it out, handed it to him and told him to film us.

I was quite surprised when Connor got on his knees and started sucking me. While he was down there, I figured it was my turn to film him! That film’s gonna keep me entertained for the longest time.

I glanced down at his dick, still rock hard, and knew I wanted it inside me. I squatted on the couch and allowed him to get his prehensile boy tongue inside my hole! I could feel myself opening up for him.

He knelt behind me, carefully placed his dick against my hole, then started to push. I was engulfed by a rush of extreme pleasure. My entire body was rippling and tingling.

Connor grinds real deep and slow. Obviously his phone came out for a second time as he was banging me.

He put the phone down and picked up the pace, using those skinny legs of his to thrust deeper and harder with every stroke. Then suddenly he doubled the speed and I knew he was close.

He pulled out and shot his load onto my back. I could feel a long string of spunk spattering onto me as he grunted from the pit of his stomach.

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