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Austin Young Bends Over and Opens His Hole for a Silver Daddy

by Tony Bullock
Master Oaks looked at the beautiful way Austin’s cheeks spread, revealing his hole as he tried to keep himself in place. He took off his shirt, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock. It was wet with precum, aroused by the boy’s beautiful body. With one hand, Master Oaks stroked himself, getting harder with each gesture as he massaged the boy’s hole with the other.


Master Oaks held his cock up to Austin’s hole, feeling it submit to his presence. It didn’t take more than a firm, solid push for it to break into his ass, filling him with a few inches of his manhood. Austin let out a moan from deep inside. He felt the heat of the man’s cock make its way further into his body, controlling him from the inside just as expertly as he had on the outside. Master Oaks pushed further, bringing the fullness of his cock to the boy’s hole, meeting his heavy, cum-filled balls to the mouth of his ass.

Oaks didn’t hesitate to begin fucking him. It wasn’t the boy’s first time, and he knew he could take it. He put a hand on his tiny waist, drilling him again and again as the boy’s body learned to take him. Austin looked back, wanting to see Master Oaks as he fucked him. The older man met his gaze, looking deep into his eyes. He was there, hard and firm inside him, and Austin would have no doubt who it was that was taking his hole…

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