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Quebec adds “X” gender marker to healthcare and driver’s licenses

by Edwin Chris
An old gender marker drop down (via Reddit)

Since 2022, individuals in Quebec, who are transgender or non-binary have had the legal option to request the designated gender marker ‘X’ instead of ‘M’ or ‘F’ on documents like birth or marriage certificates. However, this option hasn’t extended to health-care cards or driver’s licenses.

Until now!

As reported by Canada’s CityNews, Quebec residents who don’t identify strictly as male or female will soon have the option to select an ‘X’ gender marker on their health cards and driver’s licenses. Prior to this, Quebec was the only Canadian province not to allow the X marker on a driver’s licence. Both Quebec’s automobile insurance board and its public health insurance board have been notified of the government’s decision to introduce a third gender option on official identification cards, and steps are expected to move forward immediately per the CBC.

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As with any good news for queer people, the straights™ and others completely unaffected by the decision are in an uproar. The Twitter post for CityNews‘ report was full of the exact same helicopter jokes you’ve heard for the past 75-thousand years (roughly,) and, as usual, there’s a simple response to such childishness:

An anti-queer poster laments his fate as a closeted furry.

Local twitter user unaware pup hoods are legal to purchase in Quebec, as well.

Source: CityNews

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